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  • Over the past week while working on my website I’ve noticed that if I change the css or template files that upon reload it will use the “default” theme even though I am/was using my own custom theme.

    I have to go to admin and select the custom theme from the Presentation menu and then it’s okay for a while.

    Strange, eh?

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  • Eric Amundson


    Volunteer Moderator

    Yeah, that’s weird. I’d probably remove the default theme from the server.

    Are you changing these files outside of WP, or using the editor in the WP admin interface?

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    This is a known bug. It happens when somebody tries to access the site at the exact same moment that you are saving a file in the current theme.

    There is no fix at the moment. However, it is logged into trac and a fix may be forthcoming.

    Do not remove the default theme. That’ll just break things.

    Eric Amundson


    Volunteer Moderator


    That’s interesting – I missed that bug. I’m curious why removing the Default theme would break anything? I didn’t know there’s any requirement to have the Default theme in your installation if you’re not using it.

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    It’s not a requirement, as such. But if his install switches to a theme that isn’t there, bad things could occur.

    The Default theme is directly referenced in several places in the code. Not having it there might be bad.




    Sewmyheadon alerted me to this being a non-unique issue as I am having the problem too and yes it is very bad to delete the Default theme.

    This is what will happen, WP will search as Otto alluded to for the default and not finding it it will switch to no theme and therefore your site becomes inaccessable e.g nothing gets displayed.

    It was quite a shock for me to find my website gone the other day and therefore I would highly recommend NOT deleting the Default theme.

    @otto any idea how long until this gets released as 2.1.3? This is a pretty big deal for many of us, it may not be a security issue but it certainly is critical.


    Interesting. Thanks for the info.
    Yes, it’s probably because I’m ftp’ing files and then immediately reloading the page to see the changes.

    Glad it’s marked as a bug.

    thanks again-



    Akanowicz I don’t think the two are associated. I have tested my site afterwards and many times after that and it works just fine, but suddenly I come back like the next day and it doesn’t work e.g. the theme switch occurred.

    Oh well as long as they are aware ultimately that means it will get fixed – Fingers crossed

    i’m looking for a fix to this as well, it’s getting a bit aggravating… and i don’t have wp-mobile installed… sometimes the theme lasts 5 minutes, sometimes it lasts a day or so.

    I’m still having this problem and I am up-to-date. What’s the story? Anyone find a fix for it?

    I am using 2.3.2 and am having the same issue. So I guess the solution for now is to check the theme every time I post? It would be super to get an update on progress on this. Thank you so much!

    Just an FYI but in addition to the known bug (accessing site during saving) WP also resets to default if it encounters an error with a theme. If your using a custom theme try running with a different theme for a while and seeing if the error occurs as often.

    I’m using 2.2.2 and I have the same problem… again. I haven’t got it for a while, and now it’s back.
    I noticed it first in previous versions of WP, when I was hosted in a slower shared server. I thought that had to do with this bug.
    but now it’s back. I run several blogs, and this bug only appears in the blog with more traffic.

    So looks like the WP bug hasnt been fixed yet, has it?
    any ideas how to workaround this problem?

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