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  • Despite Google and Forum search, I cannot find anything on this, so here goes.

    I recently installed WordPress 2.0 here ( on top of EasyPHP 1.8, on Windows XP, with the wordpress installation in the root document directory (not one level down in ‘wordpress’). I must admit I’ve got a fair number of plugins: RumMovie,Ultimate Tag Warrior,runPHP,Fuzzy Recent Posts,SimpleTags,SRG Clean Archives,and WordPress Database Backup.

    Everything seems to be working fine, save I have a really weird problem with editing published posts. I can edit a post, save the changes, VIEW the changes in the Blog, and then later the changes to the post “vanish”.

    As I write this I remember one other pecularity that might be causing that, although what is causing IT, I don’t know: One edit, when I pulled up an previously edited article in the editor (and I’m NOT using the WYSIWYG editor, I’m coding the posts by hand), it DISPLAYED the newer version of the article in the preview frame, but the SOURCE CODE in the editor box is from the ORIGINAL version.

    To me it feels like it’s a DB problem – COMMITs and ROLLBACKs? That’s just a guess, and what would be causing such ‘version flutter’ I don’t know.

    I guess, for now, a “workaround” is NOT to edit articles, but ‘cut-and-paste’ the source code out of an ‘old’ version, delete it, and create a whole brand new post with the same source code and title, although that won’t work if there are any pingback, will it? Fortunatly (?) I’m a brand new blogger – no one is linking to me yet 😉

    Thoughts anyone?

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  • As a follow up, I tried logging into an edited post that was exhibiting the “new preview, old source code in the editor pane” behavior in a different browser (Opera) instead of the original browser (Firefox), and the same behavior occured, so it’s not a browser cache issue.

    2.0 has a cache directory under wp-content. I have no idea what is stored there and what not… but you could try to clean it and see what happens.

    Thank you, that seems to have corrected the problem for now.

    The editor pane is “current” and I can’t get it to go “stale” by editing, leaving, coming back, etc.

    Looks like it’s a perdiodic wordress 2.0 cache issue. I don’t know if that means it’s a minor bug, or whether it’s something to do with the plugins I’m using – but for now at least I can just erase the cache when the editor starts to go “wonky”.

    I’ll keep an eye on it, see what happens over time.

    Ok, it cropped up again. Wiped the cache, hit reload for the editor screen, presto the changes appered again. Definatly something to do with the cache.

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