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  • Two sub-issues (I’ve only just set up the blog and am using all the standard template: classic):
    1. I have a couple of redirects on my site so that my blog can be reached more simply than through the long and tangled URL that it actually has. However if I type I arrive at my blog and the formatting is as expected, if I type I arrive at the blog but the formatting displayed is different!! Wierd?
    2. I wanted to change the title of the blog which is two words run together (WordWord) into being separated by a hyphen (Word-Word). I went the site and simply changed the directory name to see if that was all that was needed. Again, finding the site was fine but the formating had changed. . . . .

    basically it seems that the redirects find the site but it gets displayed in a different format. Changing the name of the folder also results in formating changes, some disturbingly significant.

    Can anyone explain what’s going on?

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