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    Hey Leon,

    it’s me again. 🙂

    I was writing a bigger text yesterday with some ideas and lost it, which is not too bad, because I was asking for sponsors categories and rememberes the sponsors extension, which is perfectly fine for us. So I bought it and will translate that one too. What a cool tool.

    1. BUT: Theres no shortcode to post a single sponsor or even better: a sponsors group within a post. I’d like to have that one to build up sponsors galleries while using your plugin.

    2. Due to corona:

    There’s no possibility to cancel a game without deleting it. I want to show, that there was a game, but not played. All I can do now is: postponed, which is ugly and not accurate. “Canceled” would be cool. The reason for cancelation is something I can write into the game summary.

    3. Having staff in the game stats

    4. Actually there are a lot of leagues, where not “points” or the number of victories count, but the difference of head-to-head-games. Dont know how to describe that in english. I think I mean: direct comparison. Dont know if the google translator is right.

    More to come. 😀 Need to go to work now.

    Have a nice day y’all.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Plugin Author Leon



    Thanks for buying the Sponsors Pro extension 🙂 I’ll go through your points one-by-one…

    1. There should be a shortcode for single and group sponsors but you will need the classic editor to see the shortcode buttons. The shortcodes are:
    [sponsor_single id=”” align=””]
    [sponsor_group groups=”” limit=””]

    2. I see what you mean. I’ll look into that 🙂

    3. That’s not a request I’ve had before so to be honest I don’t think that is something I won’t persue at this point. It seems like too much of an edge case to spend the time it would take to implement that when I have so many things to work on already.

    4. Yep, that is something I’m working on as it is becoming more popular! I was hoping to get it out in the last release but ran out of time. It’s top of the list so hopefully will be available as an option soon!

    I hope that’s all good?

    Cheers 🙂

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    Hey Leon,

    Thanks again. I just bought the player stats extension.

    1. Sorry for that. I just didn’t see it, as I’m expected it to be in the WPCM-Menu. So if I were you, I’d register them in the same menu like all the others. It’s more semantic to have them in the same place like the rest of your shortcode menu. But I doesn’t need that. 😀

    Unfortunaltly there are some things, which seems to be broken, maybe because of things to happen in the plugin or by my side. I need to know that, we’re going online next week.

    Should I do a normal ticket because it’s a Pro Plugin, or can I write it here because others could be interested as well?

    Maybe the shortway:

    1.1 If you look here. I’ve putted the shortcodes below the fitting text. You’ll see what I mean. But shortcodes were executed first after content. Why is that?

    The -Elements could always get a height:auto, doesn’t it? As you give it a max-width:100% by default.

    Haven’t seen all the other very cool banners sizes, so I can’t really tell if “height:auto” is the way on every single on of them. So maybe everybody has to do it with his own customization.

    1.2 Also I have sites where the the js-libary doesn’t load correctly. For example here on the first to sponsor groups – it’s the site version on my dev, but it also doesn’t work with the same error on the production side.

    1.3 I’ve seen the “problem” already maybe for this. On a players profile, on the code side, you’re adding the action within “wpcm-player-stats” but should be some own container above stats, maybe? In my template the headline “Spielerstatistiken seit 2006” is WITHIN “wpcm-profile-stats”. But the sponsor is also in it. I guess thats not the way it should be, right?

    2. Thank you. Don’t do it if you don’t have time. I’m really feeling bad.

    3. I don’t need that either. See it as a future request for 2028 maybe. Or just forget it. I guess WPCM is a hobby, so I dont want you to do too much. I know how it is. 🙂

    4. Coolio 😀 Happy to hear that. I’m doing that for my homecity of millions of old men living there. Those people are looking at stats and they’ll write me everyday how wrong the tables are and how much better they personally would do it. I know my folks, and I can’t do nothing about it, as it makes no sense to tell them the technical details.

    So thanks again for that.

    I’ll try the players stats now. 😉

    Have a nice weekend. 😉

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    Hey Leon,

    I found out some things by myself.

    First of all there is a path-problem in the includes/sponsors-pro.php in line 160.

    wp_register_script( 'sponsorspro-imagesloaded', plugins_url( '/assets/js/imagesloaded.pkgd.min.js', WPCM_SP_PLUGIN_FILE ), array('jquery-masonry'), WPCM_SP_VERSION, true );

    but your lib in assets is called “jquery.imagesloaded.pkgd.min.js”.

    So thanks to that, the Plugin is loading now in the wigets. But for some reason its not loading in the_content() when other plugins are embedded as well or the shortcode is putted into visual composer elements.
    You can see that here. Its the same site like before, but with added elements of the visual composer.

    Even with debug=true there’s nothing to see or read.

    Plugin Author Leon



    Sorry for the delay getting back to you! I hope you are well?

    There are a few improvements that I know need to be made to Sponsors Pro plugin but it is being integrated into the new WPCM Pro plugin eventually so I have put off working on it as it is now to be honest. That’s why the shortcode button haven’t been added to the WPCM shortcode list yet!

    That said, I haven’t had reports of these issues before so I will need to look into them more.

    Can you please raise a ticket at as I’m not allowed to support premium products in this forum.

    Cheers 🙂

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