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  • kentendresen



    I am looking for a person that would like to be my sponsor/helpmate for my wordpress website. It is just a personal webpage. I always have some problems with embedding new things and spend to much time just with stupid problems that I bet a lot of you guys (girls are included in my way of saying guys) can solve right away.

    It is not going to be a lot of work, and I might donate some small amounts of money now and then if I am satisfied with your help. I will also provide you with a lot of stupid questions and frustration. I promise! :o)

    I know there is a lot of good people on this forum, so please send me a line if you like charity. My webpage is and my @-mail is

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  • thaiboxing


    The best thing is to start by asking your questions …

    people in this forum usualy help for free …



    Interesting idea, I’d like to see how this evolves…



    Thaiboxing, I kinda agree, but I think it is better to have just one I can hassle, instead of putting all the (often basic) questions out here. And you know that most things you work on evolves, and then it is hard to the describe it to people who hasn’t been in the loop.

    Each to their own liking, I just think a sponsor is a good thing for me.




    i would be interested in offering my services or see what you have in mind.

    designpastor “at”



    Major things I have in mind, as for now:

    Change layout of my “Gallery” page where I have all my pictures. I am using Flickr, and it works ok, but the layout sucks, there are so much better layouts on other webpages.

    Implement a quiz on my page. I’ve tried to use the quiz plugin, but with no luck.

    Implement some easy flash games on the page, i.e from

    Validation of the webpage, and fix some IE issues

    And of course make it more interesting for the visitors.



    I’m still looking…


    i said i would offer .. but i have gotten no email.

    designpastor at

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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