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  1. greypenguin
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Everyone running an open WPMU knows splogs are a serious issue.
    Can someone with WPMU DEV membership provide me accuracy stats for Anti-Splog plugin?
    Until now I have tested Wangguard, Stopforumspam, Akismet and DNSBL.
    The results can be seen here: anti-splog comparison.

  2. You'd have to ask there. WPMU Dev has absolutely no official relationship with WordPress or Automattic.

  3. Actually in your post you said captcha works. It does not.

    There's all kinds of other things that do work, and no I'm not listing them all. :) Why give the spammers the gift of how to get around it?

    If you search through the fum archives you'll find loads of info.

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