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  • Hi..

    I have been using a test site to experiment with setting up some custom taxonomies.. and so far have been finding them very simple to initially set-up

    I would like to eventually set up some custom taxonomies on a blog/magazine site i run with a few friends

    However i seem to have come across a very obvious predicament that i see no way to (currently) solve… i have searched the forums, and (to my suprise) couldn’t find anybody with a similar problem

    The site we run is a motorsport based site, and we currently use ‘tags’ in the same way that most people would

    If you take a quick glance at our archives page you can see our ‘tag cloud’

    Our ‘tags’ mostly fall into a small collection of categories

    These would be: ‘Driver Name’, ‘Venue/stadium’, ‘Championship’ then just ‘random subjects’

    It would make sense to us upon release of WP3.0 to set up custom taxonomies for those three specific subject (leaving the random tags in the traditional ‘tags’ category)

    My problem is not setting up these Custom Taxonomies…

    But simply… “How would i take all the specific tags from the old ‘tags’ category and move them to the new ones?”

    For example, how could i take each of the drivers names in the ‘tags’ and move them all over to the ‘Drivers Names’ category WITHOUT having to resort to the un-thinkable, of being forced to delete all the old tags, and then go though over 400+ posts “re-tagging” them with the new driver names tags in the ‘drivers names’ custom taxonomy?

    At the moment i see no simple way to do this, and i can only imagine i will not be alone in wanting to achieve this (theoretically) simple task

    The most obvious solution for this would be to be able to use the “bulk action” drop down on the tags edit page in admin area… so i could just tick all the relevant ‘driver name tags’ and select something like ‘move to Driver Name’ from the bulk actions drop down selector

    Anyway, i think you get the idea of what i’m trying to do, and i hope someone can point me in the right direction

    Many thanks – Ade

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  • Hmmmm…

    The lack of responses would indicate, either…

    1) there is a very simple way to do this that i’m not aware of… or..
    2) nobody has yet come across this same problem… or..
    3) nobody understood what it was i was asking

    Any help or thoughts would be appreciated folks


    Chris Olbekson


    Level 12 Bug Squasher & Forum Moderator

    Yes you should be able to use the bulk edit feature. I did a quick test on some custom post types I have with custom taxonomies and the option to bulk edit the taxonomy assigned is available. See this screen shot:

    Hope this helps.

    Ooh I got excited for a moment there, but I think I’ve confused you

    It’s difficult to explain because of the use of the word ‘categories’

    In it’s most basic form, what I want to do is split my traditional ‘tag cloud’ into 3 new custom tag clouds

    I’m sure there must be a simple way to do this, I just don’t think the functionality is currently built into WordPress core… I imagine it will require someone (much smarter than me) to write some-sort of plugin

    At the moment the only solution i can see, is to delete all my current tags, and then go through all the 400+ posts and re-tag them all… which would obviously take hours and hours… something I’d like to avoid if possible

    I’ve been thinking about this some more, to try and think how i can explain this clearer and why i want to do what i want to do.

    There are two types of custom taxonomies

    Hierarchical – which are the equivalent of traditional ‘categories’
    Non-hierarchical – which are the equivalent of traditional ‘tags’

    I want to implement 3 new Non-hierarchical custom taxonomies in our website called ‘drivers’, ‘stadium’, ‘championship’ – thus creating 3 new custom tag clouds

    The problem then arrives of “How do i split out the tags that already exist in my database, from the old traditional tag cloud into my 3 new custom tag clouds?”

    If the tags already exist in the database, then it would seem silly to go through the long process of deleting them all, then going through the 400+ posts and re-creating all the tags inside the new ‘custom tag’ taxonomies… when theoretically it’s just a case of changing the relationship of the current tags from the old traditional tag taxonomy into the new custom taxonomies

    hmmm… is that any clearer

    This is why i feel there should be an option in the “edit tags” section of the wp-admin, to use the ‘Bulk Actions’ drop down to move selected tags from one taxonomy to another

    Surely once wp3.0 finally arrives, and more people start to experiment with custom taxonomies, and see the benefit they bring, i will not be alone in wanting to ‘upgrade’ my current tag cloud into smaller groups of specific topics… there will be lots of people wanting to do this as simply and cleanly as possible

    Chris Olbekson


    Level 12 Bug Squasher & Forum Moderator

    I think the only way to accomplish this would be to create the new taxonomies, delete the old tags then use the post bulk edit to assign the new taxonomies to the posts.

    You could create the taxonomy driver then add the terms for lets say driver 1, driver 2, driver 3, then using the bulk edit click all the posts that belong to driver 1 then assign that taxonomy. Then go through and do it again for each term.

    That’s basically what i’m afraid of…

    There’s surely got to be a better way.

    Oh yes, I want to do this too.

    So there is no option other than editing…? Plugin?

    Chris Olbekson


    Level 12 Bug Squasher & Forum Moderator

    This would be a great idea for a plugin.

    I imagine this would be relatively simple for someone who knows what they are doing….

    Anyone up for the challenge? 🙂



    Hey defade,
    I think I am looking for something similar. We’ve been using a pretty bad method for our categories since we started our blog and there were no custom taxonomy’s available.
    We have categories for e.g. location (e.g. South Africa, America, England, India). But these are currently under normal categories (sub cats of the main cat “Location”). I have created a new custom taxonomy called Locations, with the matching sub cats.

    Is there a way to move the one taxonomy classification over to a new one? I.e. move the old Locations to a new custom taxonomy?

    I would love such a plugin and probably pay a once-off fee for it.

    I am having the exact same problem!!

    Same problem. I need to convert certain tags (people’s names) to a new custom taxonomy (“people”).

    It’s a lot of tags spread over hundreds of posts, so deleting the old tags and re-tagging by hand would be extremely difficult. I could add “people” tags to keep the posts straight, and then delete the old tags afterwords. But when there’s a duplicate slug, it adds a number, so there’d be a post tag “john-smith” and a people tag “john-smith-2.”

    I could add people tags by hand, then delete the post tags by hand to remove the duplication, then re-edit each slug of the people tags by hand to remove the number cruft… but that doesn’t seem right at all. And yet I can’t find a plugin or script to do this.

    Is there any solution for bulk editing taxonomies?



    Same problem. I’ve got a lot of tags, some with one or two posts, out of thousands of posts. They all need to be converted to the same set of taxonomy. Kind of a simple one to one conversion, but would take a month if I had to do it tag by tag. Still waiting on a solution. ‘

    There’s the categories to tag converter, I need something just like that for tag to taxonomy.

    Cross-linking this thread with the other one on the same topic (which has a somewhat clearer title):

    Locking this thread, please continue in the other thread.

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