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  • Hello all,

    I’m trying to set up my website so that you can on the homepage, select whether you’re going to Site1 or Site2, and then have it remember that choice and only display pages from Site1 and Site2 on the menus.

    I was thinking of using Multi-site to do it, but I’d like them to share plugins/themes/etc., just not page content.

    I could do it by grouping all my pages under Site1 and Site2, and would have no problem with this, except that I can’t find a dropdown menu that will show me on the subpages of the given 1st tier category of a page.

    Any ideas on the best approach?

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  • You could create a custom template in the theme. Which template depends on how your structure is set up.

    Or, a conditional menu in the header template like if is in_category site1, show this, else show the other.

    Are there any automatic drop down menus that will let me set the top level being shown? The Jquery one that I was using doesn’t seem to, and I can’t find one that does what I want. I’d rather the menu generation was automatic.

    I don’t follow. If you have custom template, each would have menu code for it’s own section. Or by top level do you mean pages that are shared, like the home page?

    If you’re talking about how to get menus that drop sub-pages or categories down, you can do that with css.

    For an automatic menu, you probably don’t want the appearance menu creator then, list_pages or such would automatically add new ones.

    Basically, I plan to have three top level pages:

    Home, Site1, Site2.

    When you’re in any page below Site1, I only want the menu to show Site1’s pages, when you’re in any page below Site2, I only want Site2’s stuff to show.

    But, ideally, you could be three levels deep inside Site1, and still have the same dropdown menu shown.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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