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  • Is it possible to use separate the content on either side of the more tag into two individual divs (even if it means a dirty WP hack). I’ve got a basic idea of how my new blog will feel + function:

    See Static HTML Version of Template Here. Doesn’t have to be ajax, doesn’t have to be clever. Just tell me where I’m going wrong.

    I really like the idea of a short excerpt being visible at all times. A simple Headline and a link to the rest of the story. I don’t believe its necessary to have the user jumping all over my domain to find the rest of the story – so I’d like “on click” (through the magic of ajax / a sliding div) the_content to become visable. In a Seperate DIV – there’s my problem.

    I’ve tried a dozen plugins, the closest I’ve got is with AWP- although it seems so bulky for what I’m trying to do:

    <div class="excerpt">
    Here's the twenty word excerpt or something...
    <a href="#">Read On...</a>
     <div id="rest-of-content">
    ... blah, here's the rest of the post
    (notice I don't want to repeat the excerpt if poss.

    on my test page it is made possible with moo tools’ slide.fx, all very straightforward because its HTML.

    after porting to a test WordPress blog: See Test Version of WordPress Template Here and implementing all manner of plugins and wordpress trickery I’ve hit a brick wall. help me obi-wan kenobi- you’re my only hope. etc.


    as i mentioned- i know there are great plugins that split the excerpt / crop it down to a certain amount of words, even ajax-ify the content so it appears inline- that’s great! but i’m having difficulties with separating them into two DIVS, not just separating them.

    – Callum

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  • I don’t know if this what you’re looking for for sure but I had a similar issue and worked it out today.


    Haven’t fuly done the debuging but can’t forsee any major issue depending on your personal formatting.

    im not understanding why you want two different divs…


    I think the issue is this. Having posts (or excerpts) do this is easy in this format:

    post 1 | post 2
    post 3 | post 4

    but what if we want our content to be columnized inside the post by paragraph like:

    p1 | p4
    p2 | p5
    p3 |

    I don’t think there is a way out there to do this and installing another plugin might be an option of said plugin actually did it this way.

    By making the post output into two divs you can sort the columns better.

    I guess it would all come down to what type of formatting and layout you want to achieve. My example is closer to a magazine layout where on a page they split the text into two columns. If you were going to do a webzine and wanted to truly emulate a print layout, then this is helpful. You can hard code but what’s the point of using WP in the first place if your going to hardcode your content? Let it handle the fancy stuff and just let the user type as normal.

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