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  • jjsbetteroff


    Hi there, i really need help- im majorly stuck on a site layout issue.

    So basically- Its a vehicle review site of sorts. Cars, Lorrys/trucks and motorbikes.

    So aside from the home page which will have three picture links to each section, my friend needs three pages with posts only from Cars category, another only from trucks category, and another only from bikes category. Each post needs to be an excerpt with an image

    So we’re trying to work out how to do this without there being duplicate content, and make the posts visible like normal blog posts on all three pages.

    Should we NOT have a blog page?
    How do we split the blog into three pages with each category, and a normal looking post list with excerpts and thumbnails?

    Sorry if all this sounds stupid.

    Any help most appreciated.

    Home page with three links
    | | |
    cars trks bikes (all post excerpts with more option)
    nice looking list (styled) of car posts only with excerpts and thumbnails
    full post

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  • James Kirk


    Heya jjsbetteroff,

    First off, don’t worry about sounding or feeling stupid, you’re not. We’ve all been to a place where we have questions and need some help. That’s why we’re all here!

    Second off, you won’t have to worry about duplicate content (if I understand what you’ve described) if your category pages are just excerpts of the actual blog posts. From everything I’ve read, that little bit of text that might be the same as your blog post shouldn’t count against you. Of course, if you want to provide real value to your readers, have the post author write up a unique excerpt to use for this and other SEO purposes.

    Next, and again I’m trying to interpret you here, personally if you link the three categories from the home page as you’ve described, I wouldn’t have a single /blog/ page on the site that lists posts from all three category. That would be overkill, I think.

    As to the styling aspects of those three category pages, you’ll have to do some more research on the plethora of themes out there. But you should have zero problem finding one that displays thumbnails and excerpts as you’ve described. In fact the premium theme I use for my site does just that sort of thing automagically!

    Hope this is somewhat helpful.

    Cheers! :)



    Hi james,many thanks for coming back to me.

    Thats a great point on the blog page with all posts, ill leave that out.

    So i guess I just need to wind a plugin that displays posts in a certain way then in category lists.

    Thanks again mate

    James Kirk


    Heya jjsbetteroff,

    What is the “certain way” you need the posts displayed? My guess is you will actually find this functionality in a theme to display your category pages, versus looking for a plugin.

    Cheers! :)

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