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  • WP 2.0.4

    The <!–more–> doesn’t work.

    <!–nextpage–> works fine.

    maybe something missing in my template?

    thanks for helping!

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  • Dosn’t work where?

    it doesn’t work in the front-end. It doesn’t split the post.

    “front-end” post? Page? Post a link to a page/site with broken <!--more-->


    when you put <!–more–> in a post the post should be split in 2 parts in the blog. Right?

    Well… my blog doesn’t seem to recognize that tag so the post is not split in 2 pages.

    I don’t include the link to the post because you will not see anything.

    thanks for helping!

    when you put <!–more–> in a post

    Thank you. Now, are you using the button to insert it, or are you typing it in? Are you using the wysiwig editor?

    I tried both ways
    no one works

    yes I am using the the editor

    the thing is…
    does my theme have to include some line to make it work?

    Myabe I am using an old theme made before WP came out with that feature


    Have a peak at the Default theme’s index.php and compare the read more section to your theme’s.

    Yet another reason to include a link to the site/page.

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    the page should be split in 2 parts (it’s just a test page)


    Ma no!
    The “more” tag works only on the index page (which you don’t have) or on catgeory/monthly listing. Like here:

    It is not supposed to work on a single post view… somehow it doesn’t make sense.

    (you could have saved a lot of ink giving the link in the first post 🙂

    well… it makes sense because what you really want in the post page (my link) is multiple pages (which is the NXTPAGE function) so, I think they did it right.


    but… what does it mean I don’t have the index?

    why I am not using the index page?

    My theme has the index.php

    grazie moshu!

    oh yes. I don’t use the index page because I am using Static Frotn Page plugin which sobstitute the index.php (blog index) with a Page.

    I still didn’t get any help in my other post at

    thanks everybody!

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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