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  • Just wanted to post a quick note about the release of a new WP Theme called ‘Split Level’. I used it on my blog for several months before the new one, and thought that someone might find a use for it.

    It’s two columned, and also split horizontally into two sections too. It has some cookie work, which allows you to select options on a second menu to display which category displays first on the blog.

    Anyway see the theme release page: Split Level WordPress theme.

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  • The demo is a blank page…

    Well, the theme-switcher is a bit goofy. After I got the blank page I removed the query string from the url (the ? and stuff afterwords) and then saw the site in that theme.

    Ok I’ve changed the release page to remind people to use the theme switcher instead. Has the theme switcher been updated? I haven’t changed it for donkeys years…


    I’ve updated my theme switcher – you can also try this link to see the theme. Sorry for the earlier problem.

    Very interesting theme…. Looks nice, works well.

    You should review your “licensing”!
    The license you chose is in contradiction with your requirements. You say it is ‘free’ – and you require a mandatory visible link, which makes it a linkware.
    Also, the license type you are linking to (CC/GNU GPL), says nothing about attribution. Meaning: under that license you can NOT ask for mandatory link back to your site!

    And in general, remember: requiring a link makes a script not-free.

    Richard, the download links don’t work either.


    Thanks for the heads-up moshu, the wording has been altered.

    Chuck, should work fine, just checked it – could you see again pls?

    The only link that works refers to the “Red Portal” the other two – that are hyperlinked – nothing happens, I am taken to the page about Split Level but no download.




    I took a look at it and fixed the Red Portal mis-link. The others should be fine too. Sorry for that.


    Thanks Richard, all is working now!


Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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