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  • Yes, Splat! your blog, well when I release it that is…

    Yes, Splat! is my new wordpress theme, it’s coming along nicely I think. If you like a bold statement you should like this, if you want something slighly proffessional you’ll also like this but if you want a boring ‘smart’ theme like too many people have, you wont like it (well you might).

    Please rate fairly.

    p.s i’m also doing freelance design for a fee of £0.00 to anyone, just email me @ mailto: nick [at] billytheradponi [dot] vphost [dot] net (please realise I can only do 1 at a time).

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  • anyone?

    It doesn’t display well in IE.

    Sorry, it doesn’t appear to be valid in IE



    Its sure taking its sweet time loading too with FF :/ Still hasn’t loaded yet while I’m typing this message.

    Oh there it goes! Ooops not all the way yet.

    hmm loads pretty quick on my broadband, what speed is yours EncryptDesigns? Ok it now works in IE 7, I don’t have access to IE 6 so I cant change it, anyway upgrade to IE 7 the safety of your pc (and CSS 2 support).

    >> anyway upgrade to IE 7 the safety of your pc (and CSS 2 support).<<

    I know I’ll upgrade to IE7 when it’s not in beta testing anymore. It’s still in the works and not ready to be an official release yet, so who knows what bugs will appear between now and the official time to be released? Until then IE6 is where I stay, and what I worry about.

    You really *should* obtaina copy of IE6, anyway, and use it as a standalone version (I have them all the way back to IE 5.1) and check your sites in there, because even when IE7 *does* become an actual release, there’s a LOT of people in the world who won’t be upgrading.

    I suppose but now IE 6 displays it in a readable way, soon people should be upgrading to IE 7 (if Microsoft hurry up) and everyone should use Firefox anyway. Loads of sites only work in FF and good browsers (not IE 6), mines not the only one.

    All you say is true. However, the reality is, most people ain’t gonna change. They like IE6 and all the crap it comes with, and to expect people to just upgrade because they should is foolhardy.

    And yes, loads of sites look like crap in several browsers, but cood designers will code sites that look good in IE6 *and* Firefox (among other standards-compatible browsers). Truly, it’s not that hard to accomplish – I do it all the time.

    Hmmm, OK it now only has one problem in IE 6 and thats down at the bottom the rest should be fine but I can’t work out the bottom bit, anyone now how?

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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