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  • I haven’t found anything in the support threads that seems to consistantly work (2.0.2). It seems a simple splash page is beyond WPs capabilities. I’m sure I’m overlooking something quite simple.

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  • I am afraid the devs never considered a splash page being useful – so no, WP doesn’t have this “capability”.

    Well, I guess you could do something with the difference between home.php and index.php, but other than to point you to searching the forum posts for home.php I don’t know what to tell you as far as utilizing that option.

    When I do something like this, I simply set up a splash page with xhtml and call wp however seems logical for the site in question.

    Why do you want a splash page? That’s so last century…

    There is also a guide to doing this at This method allows a splash page without the need to move the WordPress installation to another folder other than the root folder.

    Generally, though, if your splash page is just going to be “welcome to my site, click here to enter” I wouldn’t worry too much, those things will irritate the hell out of your regular visitors and you will lose your readership.

    “It seems a simple splash page is beyond WPs capabilities.”

    Interesting choice of words … I guess the same thing could be said for WP’s “inability” to irritate the user with popups as well then.

    Just forget about it. Things have changed over the years. Splash pages are even more useless than they were last century.

    Splash pages are old-fashioned in the well-known sense of the word, but glowlite might be wanting to display some sort of “summary” page on the front page, such as latest post, latest comment, something like that. For example, my site has the latest blog post, along with latest photo gallery, article etc.

    That might be construed by some as a spalsh page. It isn’t, because it has content on it, but glowlite might have just got the name wrong 😉

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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