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  • I have a blog site running fine at the root level. The homepage is an actual “page” and not the blog postings. I want to create a splash page that visitors will come to first, prompting them to either enter the rest of the site or to go to a 2nd site. This splash page can be completely independent of WordPress, and probably has to be since I don’t want any of the template or menu items on it. The way I see it, I can temporarily “move and replace” the /index.php file. I’ll of course lose the ability for anybody to see what used to be the homepage but I’m more concerned with whether taking such an action could actually damage or corrupt my blog?

    Are there other alternatives to accomplishing a splash page at the root (domain) level? Could I instead use cpanel (or .htaccess) to redirect visitors to a splash page that is not actually located at index.php location? If so, I figure I can copy and paste my original homepage content to a newly created page, not located at /index.php anyway. That way I’m not disturbing any files at /index.php because the splash page and the original homepage would each be located at other URLs. Should this work?

    Or does anybody have any other suggestions on how to generally create a splash page at the root level without ruining the rest of my site?


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  • Create an index.html splash page in the root folder, then edit your .htaccess and add DirectoryIndex index.html index.php. The index.html page will be served first automatically.

    Thanks. But something isn’t right.

    I added “DirectoryIndex splash.html index.php” to my .htaccess file and the first part worked fine, in that anybody going to the root directory of got the splash page. But one in my site, links to the WordPress homepage (located at also showed the splash page. How do I get it to go to the splash page when somebody visits but that a direct link to still displays my WordPress homepage?


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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