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    I’ve recently updated my WordPress to 3.5.1 and my Contact Form 7 to 3.3.3; Since I have done this my forms submit content but there is no longer a confirmation message and the spinning arrow icon does not stop. This is leading my users to submit multiple emails to me as they are unaware that the message has sent successfully. A clean install of WP is NOT an option for me. Please, any help is much appreciated.

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    @takayuki Miyoshi – Thank you for the link, but that does not resolve my issue. I need to fix the problem. I’m using a bespoke theme created for me. The plugins are necessary.

    Thank you for responding though 🙂

    There appears to be a bug with Contact Form 7 and JQuery. There are several posts with the same issue and it seems to have something with the way a theme utilizes javascript. I’ve tried several of the suggestions and none of them have actually worked for me. The default wordpress theme’s seem to work fine with it but alas, that doesn’t help people who use themes they have customized or paid for.

    I’m also experiencing the same problem. Disabling all plugins and switching to Twenty Eleven and the base Twenty Twelve themes yields the same spinning icon. I receive the emails, but the confirmation message is never displayed to the user.

    It apparently is a jQuery issue and one that’s also affecting the All In One Event Calendar (ai1ec) plugin, as well. There, clicking a button to change a view just spins and spins. Refreshing the page yields the content that should’ve been displayed.

    Very similar behavior.

    jQuery is only being called once in my source and it’s from here:/wp-includes/js/jquery/jquery.js?ver=1.8.3

    One of the contact forms is here:

    I discovered that error is in upload field. When I deactivate this field, the form works fine. But, it’s not still a solution.

    I’m using WordPress 3.4.2 and Contact Form 7 3.3.3, with the following add-ons:
    Contact Form 7 – Dynamic Text Extension
    Contact Form 7 Analytics by Found 1.0.1

    I have already deactivated all the plugins and reversed to original theme, but the problem still happens.


    Same problem here. I tried all kind of tricks and hacks which I found on the WordPress-forum but nothing worked for me.

    My suggestion? Look out for a good alternative for this plugin. It’s clear that the developer can’t find a solution , because the problem persists …

    I tried disabling the upload field based on dalbito’s suggestion, but that didn’t resolve the issue.

    My issue is resolved.

    I had uninstalled WP Super Cache and it left behind a great many rewrite rules in .htaccess, as well as some additional files and directories. After all these were removed, my issues with both Contact Form 7 and All In One Event Calendar are resolved.

    Hope this helps! I know lots of folks are throwing stones at CF7 and ai1ec developers right now…

    Had the same spinning arrows. This was caused by using a non-existing formfield in the To:-box.

    In the To:-box I entered [email]
    But in the Form definition I used [email* your-email].

    The right code for the To:-box is [your-email]

    As simple as that but it took me ages to discover!

    hello I have the same problem
    i did all the fixing suggestions that’s been advised here, but nothing fixed this problem.
    is there anything else to do.
    i would appreciate any solution
    Thanks Meitav

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    I am sorry but i did not understand you

    Chris Commons


    I updated the jquery call in my header to the latest release and resolved the issue with the spinning arrows and no response after submission.

    <script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script>

    Good to know. For others, be careful with the latest jQuery has some calls have been deprecated in the latest version which could break some plugins.

    How and where should i do this?

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