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  • Hi

    I have two servers, on one, everything works ok, on the other the contact form 7 just spins and will not do anything.

    I have disabled all plugins, I tried the default theme but I still only get the spinning.

    Is there anything else I can look for to help get it to work? I have been searching for hours trying all sorts but never get further than this!

    Thanks a lot

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  • Spinning arrow is a common symptom of a Javascript conflict.

    Use Firebug or Chrome Dev Tools to try to find the conflict. See for some general guidance.

    You may need to :

    • Deactivate Contact Form 7 and completely delete it. Then re-install it into your WordPress instance.
    • Reinstall your theme.


    Thanks for the help. I did also find the wiki you linked to and I did install firebug. I am not 100% familiar with how to use it correctly but I clicked on the scripts tap and ran the form. The only thing i got was a validation error if I put in incorrect data though still the spinning icon.

    If I put correct data then no error. Is there somewhere else I should look other than the script tab? Or should I have to set up differently?

    I will try complete delete and reinstall as well.

    Thanks again


    I could not find any noticable issues with firebug but I guess there is a lot to learn with this but I did find what is causing it however not how to resolve it.

    It is the custom permalink structure:


    If I turn this to standard then the form works.

    However with this custom activated, it does not work.

    Is there a reason why this would happen and is there any workaround?

    Thanks for the help.

    Please supply a link to your CF7 form if possible. Others here may be able and willing to offer a possible solution.


    The user and pass is both sandbox

    The main form is currently disabled because of all the testing but there is a form at the bottom left which is the default contact 7 form.

    Had a look at your site – it seems to have quite a bit of Javascript . The spinning arrow definitely looks like a classic Javascript conflict.

    I think the custom permalink structure issue is just a further symptom of problems on your site rather than the root cause.

    It looks like some of your plugins are loading javascript directly into your page content. This is a likely cause of the Javascript conflict with CF7.

    Thanks for the help.

    I will go back to basics and try and find it!

    Best regards


Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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