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  • The plugin really rox 🙂 This is on of the most usefull “small” plugins i have tried out.

    Thanks, glad you found it useful.

    Silly question, but what does it mean to untar the file…?

    That is great

    Yay! I like the plug in. If *I* can get this to work, anyone can 🙂

    Please note that I’ve released a new version that includes the ability to allow your readers to check their spelling before submitting comments. Hope it helps someone!

    no aspell here 🙁
    ‘–with-pspell’ only…

    there’s spell checker extension for firefox, forgot the name

    Note that the lastest version has been released. This version includes the ability to add words to the dictionary. Hope it helps someone!

    I have no idea what I was on the other day, or why I made it not work, but it works perfectly now with ‘pspell’ on my server.
    Thank you for this plugin 🙂

    Awesome podz! You’re the first I’ve heard running it that way.

    ColdForged, I get an JavaScript error when writing a new post (not edit).

    erhm thought i pasted the javascript error, damn me. 😀
    Error: savebutton has no properties
    Source File: Line: 170
    I corrected the error in my case with this small hack:

    < script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript" >
    var savebutton = document.getElementById("save");
    if (!savebutton)
    savebutton = document.getElementById('saveasdraft');
    var submitp = savebutton.parentNode;
    var substitution2 = document.getElementById("spellingdiv");
    submitp.insertBefore(substitution2, savebutton);
    < /script >

    I also have pspell on my hosted server. Could you tell me how you got this to work, i.e., what you had to change? Thanks.

    west4me – nothing ….
    I did a infophp. ctrl-f just shows pspell so I just uploaded and tried it..I’ve just checked my files and I cant see ‘pspell’ anywhere, so quite how it’s working I don’t know !
    From my infophp:
    PSpell Support enabled

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 57 total)
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