• WHY!!! Why, why, did they take off the spellcheck feature when they updated WP a few months ago? WHY!!!! Now I can’t even pull up the spellcheck when I go back and look at my writing in the small screen version much less the full screen version. This is such a major pain in the patoot. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE put it back! Who decided this change? Someone with a dictionary for a brain? Give a dimwit a break and just PUT THE SPELLCHECK back where it belongs.

    When I’m writing my blog I NEED the spellcheck. IN the FULL SCREEN mode and the small screen mode.

    Guys, not all changes are improvements. PLEEEEESE I’m begging you.
    Do it before I have to write my blog again. Do it now. No time like the present!
    OTHERWISE I love WP!

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  • Michael


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    please don’t use all-capitals – this is considered shouting 😉

    what wordpress version are you using?

    i see a spellcheck button in the (small) visual editor in wp3.2.2 and in wp3.3beta

    according to the help button in the full-screen view, spellcheck should be accessible with the keyboard shortcut:
    alt shift n

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    You could also install Jetpack, which has “After the Deadline” built in to help with spelling and grammar.

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