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  • I just installed WP 2.1 and the long awaited spell checker is refusing to work. Instead when I write something and go to spell check it, I get this…

    “could not execute AJAX call, server didn’t return valid a XML”

    Worse yet, Firefox’s inline spell checker only works in code view and not in visual. Can anybody help me with this? Even if I can’t get the WP spell checker to work, I would at least like to get it to recognize the Firefox one.

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  • Hmmm. I was getting the same error, but now I’m not … however the SC is inoperative … it runs and finds ‘no errors’ in this text:

    fencs fasfdsafa sdfg adsf z zxdf asdfasd

    Odd. Is the SC working for others?


    The spell check built into 2.1 isn’t working for me either.

    Also FireFox no longer automatically checks the post field for me.

    I’m back to my google toolbar for spell checking.

    Today I just installed WordPress 2.1 and unfortunately I realized tha the spellchecker just doesn´t work. I got just the messege “No misspellings found” even though there are several misspelled words.

    Same result here. Is there a way to turn off the spell checker so that Firefox’s spell checker can run?

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    Re: Your AJAX problems: You might have adblocking software or something else in your browser interfering. I suggest disabling any such software, or adding your site to its whitelist, if it has one.

    Re: Enabling the inline Firefox spell checker again: Read this post on my blog. It has a plugin that will do just that.

    I’m vouching for Otto’s plugin… it is great 🙂

    Just wanted to let you all know that it doesn’t work for me in the WYSIWYG editor either. And Firefox doesn’t see the errors either – but does in Code view ….

    I am having the same AJAX error on my install, regardless of browser. I already use Firefox, but it is not a valid solution to “force” it on all of my users, so I’d love to hear some suggestions on actually resolving the AJAX error.

    It’s an IIS server on Windows Server 2003… if any other information is needed, please let me know, and I will provide what I can.

    Aaron Hall



    Yes, My spellcheck was working great in 2.1 in Forefox for a couple days after I upgraded to 2.1, but all of a sudden it failed to work. I did not do anything to Firefox… any ideas?



    Ok, I installed Otto42’s plugin and then restarted my computer, but I still can’t get Firefox to check spelling… anybody else have any fix or other ideas?

    I too am experiencing this. The spell check worked fine and now I am getting the AJAX error. I suspect it may be a plugin, so I am going to begin disabling them one by one. I’ll let all know what happens, if anything.

    Joe Pisano

    I didn’t have the spell check working in 2.1 and now it’s still not working under 2.1.1. I posted a support message in these forums weeks ago, not a single response. What’s killing me about this is that I’m not getting any sort of error, so I don’t even know where to BEGIN to debug the problem. I click on the spell check button and it tells me there are no misspellings – even when I have words such as “dogg” in my post.

    I know WordPress is free and all that, but I haven’t seen or heard an official peep on how completely broken spell check is…does anyone care?



    I did a work-around. I installed the spellcheck plugin for Firefox and now that handles things for me at the browser level. However, when I add the <!--more--> tag to a post when using the WYSIWYG, the Firefox spellcheck turns off… so, I too still have not found a 100% great solution…

    i belive there need curl installed in your server where blog is hosted

    Anyone managed to get spell checking to work in version 2.1.1/2.1.2 yet? Does anyone have it working at all? I get the same response as jasondunn, “no mistakes”…

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