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    I learned about your plugin on the WPMUDEV post ” “

    I did a before and after comparison on a few of my sites using this site:
    I am using the “Content Size” and “Time” columns to compare the before and after here.

    Then with the plugin installed on one site I noticed that (using the same speedtest) each time I get different results, with “Content Size” varying from 850kb to 150kb then 450kb… and of course “Time” varying as well.

    So my questions are then:
    – Is this kind of speedtest a fair way to judge the benefits of your plugin?
    – If so then what’s up?
    – If not then is there a better tool?


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  • Sorry to jump in here.

    is there a better tool?

    No tool can address every factor of every speed test.

    In particular, this plugin can not reduce “Content Size”. “Time” should be reduced, though.

    To find reliable results, please use your own (browser) tools, such as Chrome’s. For example, Chrome browser has a network throttle function. Please use it to throttle the network speed and look out for the results. You’ll see a difference. Even using your own tools, you may see some variations, if your own network speed varies (example while using mobile internet that depends on the signal strength among other factors).

    In general, this plugin simply enables server-push. It doesn’t mean it would bring positive speed results for every site. Because, there are more things to consider before enabling server-push at first. For example a direct quote from

    Pushing a cacheable resource can be risky, as the browser might already have the resource and the push can be redundant.

    If you ask me, here’s my opinion in general …

    Server-push is a relatively new technology. Please do not use it, if you don’t understand how it works. It could actually bring down the performance of the site, if used incorrectly.

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