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  • Love this plugin – But is there a way to speed up the loading? In particular, it would be cool to have the images load in the background instead of having to scroll down and then wait…

    All of my images are fully optimized. Is there a way to tweak the loading or make the images load faster? The image wall website’s pictures load a lot quicker than my site…

    I love this plugin and will make a donation for beer money



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  • Plugin Author Parakoos


    Hello. I’m glad you like the plugin!

    The two parameters you can play with to pre-load images are these:

    batch_size: The number of images to bring back per batch. If this is set to 0 or a negative integer, then no batching is done. Default: 50

    buffer_pixels: Number of pixels from the bottom before loading of a new batch of images. Default: 2000

    If you want to load more images pre-emptively, try increasing the buffer_pixels. That way, loading happens more quickly off-screen. But, the more unnecessary pictures will be loaded at the end of a user’s visit, i.e. the photos loaded just before the user closes their browser and which they never saw.

    Thanks Parakoos – You’re ‘da man

    one thing: I’ve got the plugin to daily re-do the image order, but it doesn’t appear to be working – Using hashing method. using wp super cache.

    Is this easy to fix?

    I shot you 20 bucks for beer money πŸ™‚


    Plugin Author Parakoos


    Thanks for the beer money! I put it to good use. πŸ™‚

    As for your re-gen question… Tricky. Don’t know what is going on on your system. Which re-gen method are you using? Have you tried switching to the other one? The Calculation one should be instantaneous, while the Hashing depends on a background process. If you are having issues with hashing, try calculation.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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