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  • Plugin Author Scott (@scottsweb)


    Hi Sophie

    This has come up before and you can see some discussion here:

    This speed test from Google is not great as it doesn’t actually test your site speed, it sees things that might cause your site to be slow. My recommendation would be:

    1. Make sure you use the appropriate image size setting on the widget for your theme – this will reduce the size of the images served for all devices. If in doubt pick the smallest size.

    2. Run your site through an actual speed test tool e.g. and from various locations around the globe. You will see the slowest 3 things to load on your site are:


    These JavaScript assets could be combined and minified to speed them up.

    Your site appears to be loading around 43 JavaScript files and 51 images on the homepage. That is far too much on the initial load. 76% of your page size is accounted for by the images so perhaps look to lazy load them or even better yet, remove some of them.

    43 JavaScript files is very heavy too – there are plugins that can combine these and compress them if they are all necessary (I doubt they are).

    3. Find hosting with a CDN.

    4. Fix the broken SSL – some assets are loading over http and causing SSL errors.

    5. Look at your caching strategy and double check you have a full page cache in place for your site.

    Your site is indeed slow, but not for the reasons that Google suggest.




    Hi Scott,

    Thanks very much for your indepth reply, that’s really helpful and really appreciated. I wasn’t aware the google insights was not all it was cracked up to be. It’s frustrating the heck out of me trying to tick of the issues haha.

    For number 1. Can you go into more detail about this, currently I don’t see any settings for the plugin, and it’s not in a widget. I’m thinking maybe this can be something I can take to the theme support to have a look at.

    It’s currently being resized from 640px x 640px to 154px x 154px, I read that you could specify a smaller one, but no idea how to do this.

    Many thanks, really appreciated.


    Plugin Author Scott (@scottsweb)


    Hi Sophie

    The widget has settings (as shown in the screenshot here: You should be able to set an image size that better suits your theme.

    If this is not installed as a widget on your site then it sounds like someone has taken the code from my plugin and bundled it into a theme. They may have even charged you money for it. In this instance it is better to contact the theme author to understand what they have done any why.

    Also this is a free plugin so it should not be charged for.


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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