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  1. Dinesh Kesarwani
    Posted 2 years ago #

    I am working on a news portal (http://noticieropr.com) running on WordPress Multisite installation.

    This site is taking too much time to load. After checking I found that the first-byte is returning after approx 30 seconds. And, some time it is running very fast.

    I checked all settings with hosting provider. Even, migrated to new VPS server with same hosting provider. But, the issue is still same.

    This site is the main site on Multisite setup. And, it is running on MyHosting.com VPS.

    I also removed all unwanted plugins and unwanted tables created by inactive or removed plugins.

    I am unable to detect any issue with WordPress setup.

    Any one can help?

  2. It doesn't take more than a couple seconds to load fully for me. Google gives you an 83%

    I see you're using W3TC. Do you perhaps have it turned off for logged in users and, if so, have you checked while logged out?

  3. Dinesh Kesarwani
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Hi Ipstenu, Thanks for reply.

    Yes, I checked the site while logged-out. Found the issue same. Most time its running proper. But sometimes its taking too much time. It's possible you may have visited when that is working well.

    I will revert back you with some more reports.

    Please see the history of site monitor report.

    Thanks again...

  4. Looking at the history, you seem to have resolved the issues.

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