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  • ‘WP Fastest Cache’ has been my go-to caching plugin for some time. I’ve been hearing good things about Swift here and there so gave it a try. WOW! My GTmetrix and Pingdom scores were already pretty good but this thing somehow gives them a significant boost across the board.

    EDIT: I’d deduct a 1/2 star because I find its Customizer integration a little excessive. I think of the Customizer as a place for tweaking your theme. I suppose you could argue performance optimization can go there too – but tacking on an additional 5 sections just clutters it up. It’d be nice if there were an option to disable Customizer integration.

    EDIT #2: THANK YOU for removing the Customizer integration. Back up the a full 5-stars! 🙂

    EDIT #3: Unfortunately, I’m downgrading this to 2 stars. Having used this plugin for almost a year now, I find it quite maddening. I realize… “it has a more aggressive preload function and displays warmup tables, unlike other cache plugins on the market.” The problem is, even after getting help from the FB group and official support for creating long elaborate exception lists, it continues to find and flood my warmup tables with nonsensical URLs that in turn, chew up CPU resources every future prebuild cycle. Yes, I’ve excluded post types, don’t discover new pages, and don’t cache 404 pages. Search the FB group and find countless others having this same problem. If it could just build from sitemap then no problem – 5 star plugin. Instead, it is unpredictable, unreliable and has a mind of its own. I’m finally giving up on Swift.

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