• I am trying to resolve issues with speed. I need for my readers to be able to pull my site up with 3 seconds. Currently it loads at 10-12 if not longer. Can you take a look and let me know what the load time is for you? Also, how can I resolve this speed issue?

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  • //www.paulharrisjr.net/wp-content/themes/atahualpa/images/header/image4.jpg

    That header image took 12.3 seconds to load for me.


    That one a full 6 seconds.

    This image, right from the directory took 7.6 seconds to load for me.

    Others were faster, but images may be one place to investigate.

    Thanks for the reply. I deleted those images but it still seems slow.

    I really need to speed this site up. What would you say are other options?

    Would folks take a look at tell me if it is any faster?


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    Looks like it’s your PHP environment.

    Look at this Pingdom Tools output for your site.

    See the first line? That’s the initial page generation. PHP took 4.2 seconds to generate that page and the PHP-speedy stuff is not helping you. Do you have a PHP op cache installed such as EAccelerator or Xcache? Those frequently help.

    Disable all of your plugins (except the anti-spam ones such as Akismet) and switch to the default theme. Now with that default theme, re-run the Pingdom test again.

    Did that improve anything? If so, put back your theme and repeat adding your plugins until you find out what’s causing that delay.

    I have no problem running this test. But I do not want to lose all the work I have put into this theme. So how do I back up the settings?

    I dont want to switch to the default theme only to figure out the speed problem, only to have to spends hours redoing all my settings once I switch back to my current theme…



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    So how do I back up the settings?

    Whoa. Yours is a site that’s important to you so if you haven’t already, better familiarize yourself with these docs


    Being able to fully restore your database will preserve any settings/posts/pages etc. A good file backup will do likewise for your file settings.

    I dont want to switch to the default theme only to figure out the speed problem

    It’s your call. I only suggested it as a means to identify where the problem is. I’m not saying leave it on the default, I’m saying use that as a way to locate the problem.

    If you already know it’s your theme, then there is not much to do except either find out why it takes a long time and fixing it, or switching to another theme.



    There seem to be an aweful lot of queries taking place on your site. That is caused by plugins or the theme (you may want to reevaluate your plugins first since you care more about the theme).
    One thing that will really speed up the site that you currently don’t have going is gzip compression of the html page.
    If you feel comfortable doing so you can place this right at the top of your theme’s header file (or whatever file your theme uses), before the DOCTYPE so that this line:
    <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN"
    becomes this:
    <?php ob_start('ob_gzhandler'); ?><!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN"
    That will enable gzip compression for capable browsers, which will really speed things up.
    I also notice a lot of javascript in the head area of your html documents as well. All the javascript can be moved to just before the closing </body> tag. This should provide another good boost.
    Last simple suggestion is you’ve got a huge amount of CSS styling loading directly in the header. That’s ok on the site homepage but you’ll want it in an external .css file for other pages so that viewers don’t have to reload that for every page (the browser will cache it after the first load).
    Check out this yahoo resource for more ideas

    Thank you for your help. And if anyone has any other ideas, please bring them along.

    Yesterday I did exactly what was suggested. I first backed up my files, on an external hard drive. I then deactivated the plug-ins and switched to the default theme. My theme does seem to use up a lot of resources, because the default them loaded instantly.

    I didn’t see much difference with the plugins.

    Here take a look at these new results and tell me if they look any better.


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