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  • I’m sure someone has asked this question before but I can’t even put it into words to come up with a search for it… if anyone has an old thread or a simple answer it would be much appreciated.

    I’ve got a new software blog I’m working on, and each “post” (review of a piece of software) will be placed in a few folders… however some are more relevant than others.

    ex. Software “Fun Game 1.23” works on both Macintosh and Windows, but it is primarily a GAME, so in writing the post I want it’s permalink to be however it seems to be a crap shoot between whichever category is the lowest (and somehow determined to be most relevant by wordpress?)

    That was a mouthful… Any suggestions? THANK YOU!

    EDIT – I realize I can simply create the post in the main category and then add on categories later but… anything simpler? – EDIT

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  • and each “post” […] will be placed in a few folders

    I guess you meant categories since all the posts are stored in the database, not in files and folders.

    The category names usually don’t show up in the permalinks, unless you explicitly specify it (and on some servers it doesn’t even work).
    Did you ever considered the hierarchical system of categories and subcategories?

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