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  • Recently I submitted one of my plugins to the Extend SVN. I wanted to try it out, and if it worked well, move all of my plugins to it.

    While it does work fairly well, I have one complaint – not having the ability to specify the actual name of the entry in the SVN.

    For example, my sitemap generator plugin used ‘dd-sitemapgen’ as its folder and plugin name. When I submitted the plugin for addition to the Extend database, it was created as ‘sitemap-generator’.

    This means that then the plugin is downloaded, the files are contained within a directory called ‘sitemap-generator’.

    This is an issue for two reasons:

    1) Consistency – I would prefer to keep the same file structure as I had been using before moving to the SVN. Both for myself and the individuals upgrading the plugin.

    2) Self referencing plugins – I have several plugins that reference their own directory for various reasons. Currently, I have to just see what name the system decides to give me, and then rewrite my code to use that path.

    Since the plugins submitted to Extend are approved, and I assume manually created in the Extend SVN during activation, perhaps it would be possible to have a field to allow the user to specify their desired name for dynamic folder creation?

    It would be quite easy to have the code check to make sure the name is not already in use in the SVN of course.

    I would be happy to hear thoughts on this issue – or, a way to get around this limitation if one currently exists.

    Thank you,

    Matt @ Dagon Design

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