• I need an admin-user role that can edit other users role using profile form, without allow normal-user edit his own user role with the same form.
    Since (as far as I know, CMIIW) there are no option to specify field privacy for edit field value, only show/hide
    I created 2 Profile form. One for I called “admin-user” and One for other user roles and set “Make this profile form role-specific”.
    1. admin-user-profile-form (Form-1) for my admin-user
    2. non-admin-user-profile-form (Form-2) for other roles

    Form-1 works well when edit his own profile
    Form-2 works well when edit his own profile

    But Form-1 does not applied when admin-user edit non-admin user profiles. The Form-2 displayed.

    How can I specify so that admin-user can use form-1 to edit non-admin users?

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    I see this code in um-folder/templates/profile.php
    <div class=”um <?php echo $this->get_class( $mode ); ?> um-<?php echo esc_attr( $form_id ); ?> um-role-<?php echo um_user( ‘role’ ); ?> “>

    currently esc_attr( $form_id ) specify form_id based on currently-edited-user-role, how can i change it to currently-loggedin-user-role ?

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