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  • Howdy WordPressers!
    I’ve got a rather custom query.

    Is there any way of creating a user that has specific permission to edit a specific page or post and the comments that are posted on that particular post or page!?
    Maybe even permission to edit posts in specific categories!?

    If this feature does not exist on wordpress then Im sure it would be a good idea for a future release.
    An example would be with a wordpress site with an organisation, as it would be good to give specific control to users to specific pages so you don’t have to traffic updated information through editors/admin of blogs. (Giving specific users control of a certain area of their site ONLY)

    Cheers for any replies on this!

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  • IIRC if you make the user a contributor, and set them as the author of the page, that would work.

    Does this mean that they can edit the page that you made them author ONLY!?

    Apologies on the duplicate post Ipstenu, I realised this was more of a feature request than a troubleshoot of a problem. But I posted this one first.

    I would have deleted this thread and carried on with the other or even moved it.
    But I dont have permissions to do either.

    You can ask us to move ’em 😉

    Yes, if you make someone an author of a page, they can ONLY edit that page. I don’t know of any that let you pick and chose the categories.

    It didn’t work.
    If the user is a contributor, he can post posts only to be reviewed. But then once agreed by a higher user with more privaliges, he can then only view it and not edit them.

    If I upgrade his level to a point where he can edit this own posts only (which works on editor), this doesn’t suit as I still want to review the posts he makes but this level means he can post directly without review.

    A suitable level would be:
    To post posts for review only, not to be published straight off.
    Then be able to edit his posts ONLY once agreed, but those edits to be reviewed too.

    This level doesn’t exist.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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