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  • Hi,

    From what I can see, I looked at your sidebar and the source of the page has the following div for it:

    <div class=”sidebar span3 right-sidebar”>

    On line 7623 of, the css that styles this is:

    .row-fluid .span3.right-sidebar {
    margin-left: 6% !important;
    width: 20% !important;

    Looks like you are using Roki – a custom theme, so you should maybe ask the theme developer.

    You refer to individual sidebars – but there is only one sidebar per page. Please clarify.

    Alright that worked perfect, I was able to adjust the background and add borders.

    The “individual” comment was to see if it was possible to change the background/border on individual pages sidebar. So for example the Archaeology page would have a green background and the Ethnography page would have a red background? Everything I read mentions a div-class, is that the best route? If possible, how do I do this?

    Also, follow-up question can you point me to the .css where I can adjust the Sidebar (Widget) Title? All other forums so look for something called .widget-title but that is nowhere in my .css.


    It looks like the sidebar div for sidebars on both pages is:

    <div class=”sidebar span3 right-sidebar”>

    Since they are not different, there is no way to apply different css to this. So I dont think it is possible to have different background colors per page.

    The .widget-title is not used in your site.

    Both of the above are because you are using a custom theme – Roki.

    If you would use a more standard WP theme, it will have things like .widget-title.

    Again, at this stage, because you are using Roki – a custom theme, you should ask the theme developer.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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