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  1. ASMBrent
    Posted 1 year ago #

    Looking to add specific color and border to individual sidebars on my page. Links for two of them are:



    1) Is it possible to do individual sidebars? Where in my css are these?
    2) If not, where in my style css would I find the ability to make changes to all sidebars without affecting the page background?

    I've used Firebug and still cannot locate the code in the style css as it keeps referencing an html css.

  2. wpfan1000
    Posted 1 year ago #


    From what I can see, I looked at your sidebar and the source of the page has the following div for it:

    <div class="sidebar span3 right-sidebar">

    On line 7623 of http://develop.asmaffiliates.com/wp-content/themes/roki/style.css, the css that styles this is:

    .row-fluid .span3.right-sidebar {
    margin-left: 6% !important;
    width: 20% !important;

    Looks like you are using Roki - a custom theme, so you should maybe ask the theme developer.

    You refer to individual sidebars - but there is only one sidebar per page. Please clarify.

  3. ASMBrent
    Posted 1 year ago #

    Alright that worked perfect, I was able to adjust the background and add borders.

    The "individual" comment was to see if it was possible to change the background/border on individual pages sidebar. So for example the Archaeology page would have a green background and the Ethnography page would have a red background? Everything I read mentions a div-class, is that the best route? If possible, how do I do this?

    Also, follow-up question can you point me to the .css where I can adjust the Sidebar (Widget) Title? All other forums so look for something called .widget-title but that is nowhere in my .css.


  4. wpfan1000
    Posted 1 year ago #

    It looks like the sidebar div for sidebars on both pages is:

    <div class="sidebar span3 right-sidebar">

    Since they are not different, there is no way to apply different css to this. So I dont think it is possible to have different background colors per page.

    The .widget-title is not used in your site.

    Both of the above are because you are using a custom theme - Roki.

    If you would use a more standard WP theme, it will have things like .widget-title.

    Again, at this stage, because you are using Roki - a custom theme, you should ask the theme developer.

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