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  • Before anyone points me to it, I have already read

    The things is I have a much more specific question..


    Is there a system that allows multiple users to write on different blogs, where the user information is retreived form a single database? The different sites can also draw their content from a single database too, provided that there is a way so that only posts that match a certain criteria (ie. tags or categaories) are displayed on a blog.


    I have a few websites which concentrate on different topics ( , , , , ) I initially thought that having separate WP installations wouldn’t be a problem since Fantastico makes it really easy to install them all. Anyway, there are about 10 authors in this network and most of them usually post in one main blog but I also thought that it is a good idea to let them post in different blogs just in case, so I created all the users in all the blogs. The thing is, now we’re thinking of opening a few more blogs with different topics and I really don’t think I can go in and manually enter user information again..

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  • nobody?

    This would be a great plugin, I’ll pay if someone can develop it so that its simple for the end user (multiblog owner) to implement and add authors without having to do complex RSS stuff.

    The best way I can see to do it is the create an RSS feed for each author (if they each have a category on one blog) and then use FeedWordPress or other RSS plugin and essentially syndicate it to the other blogs. You’d have to make sure that the author was only posting the article to one of the blogs in your “network” or you’d end up with a bunch of duplicate cross-postings. That’s the long way around I suppose.

    Let me know if you figure anything out.


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