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  • Hi there!
    I have a site with lots of categories, and there will be losts of posts in each.
    I want a specific post (kind of description of each category… text and images) to be shown on top of each category. diferent post for each category.
    might be the fist written, might be the 20th…
    is there a plugin that lets me do this? select the post i want to be shown fist, on top of each category?
    or.. can some help me with some codes?

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  • Hi raduma,

    I haven’t seen a plugin for this yet, but I guess modifying your category-template might do well:

    if ($cat == "1") { include(TEMPLATEPATH . "/teaser/this-code-snippet.php"); }
    if ($cat == "2") { include(TEMPLATEPATH . "/teaser/that-code-snippet.php"); }

    This way you are free to use any serverside-language to generate your info. On the other hand: Thats might well be a lot of work…


    iap, a lot of work..:| there are about 200 categs so far (one for almost each animal and bird in Romania…) and i still have to put up some… fish, plants, insects… so you can imagine hou much work… 🙁

    take a look at:

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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