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    I am still quite new to wordpress, and I have tried to search around for an answer to my specific problem with no success.

    In work we are currently having a small SEO competition for learning purposes.

    I added links on a page which link back to the same page, i was told this may not be good for SEO, so I tried to delete the links. However the page say updated, when I view it in the editor its updated but the actual page isnt.
    ..that’s the page there.

    I managed to update all the other pages with no problem. I have tried various ways to remove the links, even deleting the page and rewritting the whole thing. tried from different computers. no joy.

    I would really appreciate any help or suggestions.


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  • Hi,

    What happens if you open the page on a different browser? Can you still see the links?
    also, I noticed the page URL has number 2 at the end:
    Do you have more than 1 page with the same content? If yes, did you update the nav menu accordingly so it would point to the no-link one instead of the old one?

    Hi Marventus, thanks for getting back to me.

    have tried it in chrome, firefox and ever resorted to using IE at one point, all the same result.

    also good spot with the URL have to change that, that is most likely a result of me trashing the first page and trying to create a whole new one (albeit identical)

    would it be something to do with a cache wordpress might have or the archive?

    I’m sorry if i’m not great at describing my problem, I’m a complete learner with wordpress

    Just to let people know in case they happen to find themselves in my situation

    I found out that the problem I was having was related to a plugin that I had installed. so nothing wrong with wordpress, problem was my fault.

    being an absolute beginner, I had forgotten all about it. It was a plugin to autolink keywords.

    once I deactivated it, everything was fine again.

    Hi Richiek,

    Sorry I didn’t get back to you: your topic sort of fell off my grid and I forgot all about it.
    I’m glad you were able to figure this out, and thanks for sharing your solution with everybody.

    Good luck!

    ah not to worry, I really appreciate any help offered!
    and sure it was a learning experience for me too.

    and thank you for getting back to me too!


    Since you were able to figure this out, could you please mark this topic as resolved?


    My client’s page has a wordpress site that is not updating correctly.

    Specific page:

    Although my client has posted the text details of this product inside
    this page’s visual panel, the update does not reflect on the preview page or html panel page. This started happening just today. The other day the system was working fine. What could be wrong?

    The appropriate text description is still inside the Visual panel.Pls help anyone. Thanks.

    my issue was just FIXED. Thnx.

    done 🙂

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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