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  • Here goes a question for the millionth time.

    What code/tags should I use to display a specific page (or post if I have to) outside of wp.
    My set up is as follows:
    what I would like to do: is a page in wp)
    and have it shown here

    I have been working the Static Front Page route. I have a page with a Mini-Loop displaying the five latest blog entries. I was hopeing there was something that will let me pick the page by title or id and have it displayed. (templates and formating are not necessary, thats why its outside the wp install)
    I have been reading throught the forum and the codex where everything I read all sounds the same and my brain just leaked out of my ear and onto the floor.

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  • Take a look at how the pages get listed on your current theme. See the home link? Why not just copy and edit that link for your about.php page? It won’t link via /about but it would get your visitor to where you want them to be.

    Hope this helps,

    Hey Dr. Mike,

    I have agonized over that as an option. WP was installed outside of the root directory to serve as a regular blog for a site that has a very customized look. The WP theme relates to the main site but is intentionally different. That way visitors know when they move from the one section to the another. Pages were then started being used in the blog and the need to have that info displayed on the regular site has reared its ugly head. They like the idea of being able to adjust and revise the pages, but they still like the customized look.

    If I cannot find a way to pull this off, I will probably end up linking to the pages as they are in WP, but creating a page template that matches the rest of the site. Come to think of it that might be easier, but I am to bullheaded to give up just yet.

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