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  • silentstrife


    Firstly, thanks for taking the time to check this out.

    Here’s the deal:

    I’d like to aggregate several links to certain sections of a third party site. I’d like to split the links into various sections and each link individual from there has a small description before the user clicks on the link: Here’s an example

    MAIN LEVEL: apples – pears – bananas – guava – orange

    SECOND LEVEL (if a user, say, clicked on ‘apples’): green apples – red apples – macintosh apples – organic apples

    THIRD LEVEL (if say a user clicked on organic apples) Anna’s Organic Apples [link][small description] [user rating] – Martha’s Organic Apples [link][small description] [user rating] – Betty’s Organic Apples [link][small description] [user rating]

    I’d like to build a site or find a template that does this, and also has a space on the main page for a one-post viewed blog. I’d like to be able to add the links through the CMS without having to go through the code and have a search function that can give the user a shortcut to specific titles or topics (I assume through tags?)

    • What would a site like this be called, is there a specific name (i.e. ecommerce site)

    • A good place to start looking for a template

    • How to go about building something like this (if you could direct me to some info, or explain your self) I’m seasoned in HTML and CSS but that’s about it. Not much experience with wordpress either, but I can figure it out with the proper direction.

    Sorry for this loaded post, your help is greatly appreciated.

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  • Max


    If you are trying to make a business directory… which is what I am getting out of this there are loads of sites out there that sell themes that do that…

    Google AppThemes I think, they have some nice ones…



    Thanks! It’s definitely a directory of sorts.

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