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  • Hi !
    I’ve a new question ..

    I would like to change User Role.
    I know “User Role Editor” plugin, but it doesn’t do what I want..

    Let me explain :

    User Role change automatically, and many times..
    Contributor change into Subscriber, and vice versa..
    So a Subscriber can have post published in his name ..

    Contributor can delete post, create new post ( no publish ), and edit their posts ( if they are no published )
    Subscriber can.. Nothink :p

    I would like :

    Contributor can create new post, but no edit their posts ( even if not yet published ). ( and no delete post, but i can change this rule with “Role Editor” )
    Moreover, Subscriber can view their posts ( In admin, Menu Articles, submenu articles, category Mine ) but no other posts ( category All, publish, waiting for replay, … ) ( I’m french, so I don’t know if names are correct )

    Subscriber can view their posts, but no modify or delete post.. ( it’s the same as Contributor.. )

    How do I do ? ( plugin or hack… )


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Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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