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  • Hi there,

    I believe I’ve figured out specifically when the plugin fails on my end. Here are the steps (assume that I already have some widgets working with widget context):

    1. I drag a new widget into the sidebar.
    2. I enter some settings for that widget via widget context. E.g. I set the drop-down to “Show on Selected”, I check a few boxes, and I enter one URL).
    3. I click “Save” to save the widget.
    4. If I then refresh the page, all of my widget context info for all widgets is suddenly gone. Oh no!

    I’ve found that the only way to prevent this from happening is by clicking “Save” immediately after I drag the widget into the sidebar, before I’ve entered any widget context info. This is a risky preventative, however – what if I forget to do that?

    So, any thoughts on when this’ll be fixed? Thanks!

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