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  • Is there a way to specify a header image for a specific category?
    I’m using the Graphene theme.

    Thanks in advance for any help.


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  • Hi Laura,

    I can help you out with this. Do you only need to display a special image for one specific category or several?
    If you give em the path to the image(s) and the category ID(s), I’ll tell you what code to insert and how.


    Hi Marventus-
    Awesome, thank you!
    I’m using the Graphene theme.
    Here is the page which is an example of the category archive page I want to show what I choose.
    See it’s showing the regular header from the rest of the site. I’m trying to make the Blog section look different than the rest of the site, so Blog (slug = juicy-travels-blog).
    Which I have accomplished so far with the help of the Graphene Forum from Syahir. But we left it hanging at getting the category archive page working. So for blog posts and pages, I have them doing exactly what I want, which is randomly rotating headers from a folder of images, for example, here

    And the code we are using to accomplish the random rotation of the headers for the pages and posts in the category “blog” is:

    [code moderated – please use the pastebin for any code longer than 10 lines – see forum guidelines for posting code]

    The full thread of the conversation where we got to that code is
    If that would be helpful.

    I’m using a child theme by the way so have a child theme version category.php and functions.php. We are trying to stay away from using a loop.php file. The code above is in my functions.php file which is great.

    In a perfect world, I would have the code/choice to:
    1. Specify one specific header image for any category archive page
    OR specify a folder for randomly rotating image headers for a category archive page.
    2. Same for posts/pages in a particular category. I know I can do one specific one by making the featured image bigger than the default header size, but if there code that encompassed that, it would be more elegant.

    Sample image name for the category archive page for the category “Blog” slug= juicy-travels-blog and category id=52

    Thank you so so much if you can help me dial this in…it’s so close to what I want…it’s just getting it so I can do the same or single choice for the category archive page here
    Like I am doing here

    Sorry if that is way more info than you needed… 🙂

    Oh ya the password for that test blog post is “testblog”


    It seems that what you want is far more complicated than what I had understood from your original post, but it is still feasible.
    Let me see if I understand you correctly. Right now, you have rotating images for your entire site (Home, Posts, Pages, Archives, etc.), but you want a separate set of images for your Blog category.
    What I don’t understand is if you want that separate set of images for single blog post view or also for the Blog archive.

    Oh, your code didn’t make it because it got moderated. The rule is that if the code exceeds 10 lines, you have to use a code paste bin, such as Pastebin. So please paste your custom functions.php and category.php code there with “PHP Syntax highlighting”. You can make two pastes or one big one, marking which one is which with a comment. One line comments are introduced with // or #. For comments that span through more than one line, you have to use /* text here */. Then simply share the links to your paste(s).


    Thanks for your follow up…
    Sorry if I wasn’t clear.
    Both for single blog post and for blog archive.
    I’ve got it working for the single blog posts, its great, I can make a folder and it looks there based on slug title. Perfect. I can put one if I just want one or more than one and it will randomly rotate them. That part is perfect.
    The only problem is that we were then going to dial in how to also do the very same thing for the blog archive page, but I never got any response from the moderator who got me almost there.
    You can see all of the code in the original thread on that forum link…
    It’s that last block of code. This might be better than pastebin because you can see the evolution of the code and the coversation and where we left off.

    Thank you so much for being willing to help!

    Yeah, you are right: it is more useful to read the code from that link you shared.
    Where are you currently storing the regular rotating images (I mean, the ones that are showing everywhere else on the site?

    I just uploaded those the “normal” way in WP admin to the media library. So like in wp admin appearance > headers I uploaded them there and chose random.
    I’m happy to move them elsewhere though if it makes more sense.


    I just finished reading (and understanding) all the thread and all the code shared by Syahir.
    The last version of the code he posted, with very minor adjustments, should display a random image for all posts under the category juicy-travels-blog from the following directory:


    where sub-category_slug is the slug of the juicy-travels-blog subcategory underwhich the post is filed.
    So, say you have a post with the parent category juicy-travels-blog and the sub-category (hierarchically defined as such under WP Admin Panel -> Posts -> Categories) blog jokes. The slug of that subcategory would be blog-jokes, so you would have to upload the image(s) you want to display for that blog subcategory to the directory:


    That should display a specific image for that subcategory.

    The revised code you have to paste inside functions.php is here. Please delete the previous version (you can make a backup before if you wish).

    Please note there are two functions there:
    The first one, post_is_in_descendant_category, is a custom WP function that comes from the in_category Codex article;
    The second one is the modified version of the function posted by Syahir.

    Let me know if there is any progress.

    Ha yes you can see this has been going on for awhile.
    It’s seems so odd that there is no easy way to do this…in my searching I see tons of people wanting to do this but no plug in or easy method. I’m so grateful for your help.

    Ok so I’m going to try what you wrote now…just to clarify:
    This will keep what we have so far, where the category post and pages headers are being pulled to randomly rotate from the custom image header folder, but, it will ALSO let me assign a header image or folder of images for the category archive page?

    You are welcome, 🙂
    The code I just posted should not tamper with your current image rotator, because it checks whether the post is inside the blog category or is a descendant of that category and then works its magic.
    However, since I am not very familiar with the theme, I’m not 100% sure it will work, but hopefully with some additional tuning we should be able to get it to work.
    Let me know how it goes.

    Ok so its there an uploaded but I don’t see any difference.
    Everything works as it did but the blog category archive page is still showing “rest of the site” images.

    Question…did I say the wrong path for images?
    Because I’m using a child theme, the path is in the child theme images folder, not main graphene folder.

    So like…
    And I notice your note above says graphene/images…

    In case it was that path issue, I duplicated the folder graphene-child/images/custom-headers/blog and /juicy-travels-blog and uploaded.
    I still don’t see the blog headers on the category archive page for blog here

    Did I miss something? 🙂 Entirely possible!

    Assuming we tweak this and get it working for category archive pages, what if I want to do it for other categories, like
    air travel category 76
    travel tech category 34
    rewards programs category 45

    or whatever…I just made those up but…how would we do it so I can use the same theory for different categories? 🙂

    Hi Laura,

    I just saw your posts. I’ll run some tests on my test blog tomorrow and get back to you about this.
    What I can answer with confidence, because I tested it before, is that get_stylesheet_directory_uri does retrieve the URL of the child theme, not the parent one.

    Have a good night!

    Thank you so much for hanging in there with me 🙂
    I have no idea what else to try!

    Have a great night yourself.

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