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  • Macfionn


    A little over a year ago, i asked this question and was told it wasn’t possible (By whom, I do not recall.)

    So a year later i will ask again. 🙂

    I would like to replace Joomla with WordPress (yea me!) for my towns community site. I want ALL of my members to have their own blogs (personal blogs) but would like to have a few ‘official’ blogs as well (ex. City Water dept., local hospital, local library, etc) and for these official blogs, have designated people that can can write/edit its contents.

    Now the key is, i would like to be able to aggregate these ‘official’ blogs, and place the newest ‘news’ of these ‘official’ blogs on the MAIN FRONT page of my site; kind of a ‘whats new in our community’ type of thing.
    So if I wanted to aggregate 4 ‘official’ blogs I could have the very latest entry of each of those four blogs on my home page with a ‘more’ link going to that specific blog.

    Does any of this make sense? I tried the best I could to explain my need but can might can go into greater detail if needed.

    Essentially, Im just wondering if this can be done via an official release of mu wordpress, or even with a third party plugin.

    Im not seeking an RSS feed solution, as I would like to be able to include any images if they exist in the blogs im aggregating.

    I ‘did’ found THIS plugin:

    But it appears to aggregate ALL the blogs (including common user blogs. I have to be specific about which blogs I pull from.
    Would anyone have any idea please if this is yet possible?

    Thank you for reading!


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  • vtxyzzy


    I took a look at the code for that plugin, and I am pretty certain that it can be easily modified to select only from a list of individual blogs. The blogs are selected by the statement below:

    $blogs = $wpdb->get_results("SELECT * FROM " . $wpdb->blogs . " WHERE last_updated!='0000-00-00 00:00:00' AND public='1' AND spam = '0' AND deleted ='0' ORDER BY registered DESC");

    A WHERE clause could be added to select the desired blogs.

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