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  • Hi,

    My english is not that good so i will say this only once (Allo’ Allo’ :D)

    Ok but, i need a photoblog theme. And i saw a few nice onces but my problem is. That you can copy those images. Now is there not a theme or a plugin that prohibit copying the images.

    Anybody an idee.

    The blog is not for me. but for a friend of my.
    Here is my blog.

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  • Almost every image on the net can be copied. This is NOT a WordPress issue. Try Google to find methods for preventing it.

    moshu is right. Once the image is on their computer, there’s nothing preventing them from just saving it off.

    So, you just don’t ever let them have access to the image.

    I’ve seen people use flash image viewers in an attempt to prevent people from copying the images.

    Yes i know the flash issue. I used it on al my other websites. But the problem is when i use the same flash from my other websites. They all open in another windows. So you would never see the picture in the layout of wordpress itself i think. But i will look for it on google. Maybe a block for right-click, execpt I hate that!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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