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  • Maybe it’s me but I can find no mention of this in the files – apologies if someone has asked before.

    What I’m looking for is a way of creating ‘Pages’ that relate to a specific ongoing topic of interest. I’d like to make that topic a category, then have the posts on that topic/category display on the main blog – as usual – but *also* update a ‘Page’ so that anyone who wants to follow my thoughts on an ongoing topic can do so without having to trawl through months of blog entries! Also of course, it would highlight that I have a ‘special interest’ in that topic.

    Any suggestions on how to do this? Or would some enterprising person like to have a stab at it? 🙂

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  • hmm, what do you mean by update a page? Post content on it that’s the same as your posts in the specific category? or completely different content? So if you were to make a post in category “interest” what would show up on the page?

    Cause what you’re saying sounds like just a listing of the category posts?

    Pages have nothing in common with the posts (except that you write them in a similar admin interface). The whole idea of introducing Pages in WP1.5 was to have certain “webpages” that are not part of the chronological stream of the posts and have a kinda “static” content. (Note. The static is in quotes because technically they are also dynamic, their content being stored in the DB, but not together with the posts.) So updating a Page – I like to use this name with capital “P” as it is in the Codex! – it’s usually a manual job.

    I can see what you’re all saying… I suppose what I’m suggesting is really a ‘mini-blog’ perhaps where all posts on a specific topic can be viewed seperately from the main body of the blog on an ongoing basis.

    The reason for suggesting a ‘Page’ is that Pages are seperate from the main body entirely and would perhaps lend themselves more readily to this sort of thing.

    Yes you can click on ‘Category’ to get a view of a topic as a whole… but there is no real indication of which topics *I* think are ongoing or may be of interest.

    Hmmm… on reflection… perhaps a sidebox with predefined and titled category listings would do the trick?? Any thoughts? Or am I still being obscure? 🙂

    well, I think you could do this a few ways, assuming I’m understanding what you’re trying to do.

    you could create a page template with the loop, but then query it to only retrieve a specific category. I believe this is possible. Then you’d name your page whatever you want so that it’d show up on your pages listing.

    Another way is to just create a special area on your sidebar say “topics of interest” and then use a limited category call by taking advantage of the parameters and only displaying the categories you want.

    I’d think that the second way would be easier to accomplish, but would require periodic manual updating to change which categories you want to show/hide.

    That’s of course I’m assuming I understand you correctly.

    “<snip> That’s of course I’m assuming I understand you correctly. “

    I think the second option would do the trick.. the ‘topics of special interest” would be on the main page instead of moving away from the blog proper… but of course they’d still be presented with the earliest last instead of first…

    …. maybe I’m asking a bit much:)

    I think part of the problem is that I’ve never tried writing anything with php … I sort of know where the destination is, but really have no idea how to get there.

    Perhaps now I *have* the idea I ought to go away and lean how to code it myself?

    actually, it wouldnt’ be that hard to do.

    take a look here:

    you’ll want to do something like this in your sidebar.php:

    Topics of interest

    < ul>
    <?php wp_list_cats(‘exclude=1,2,4,5’); ?>
    </ ul>
    and just exclude all but the ones you want to show. you can find the category number in your manage category page.

    Thanks for that… my machine has just recovered after it’s annual breakdown so now I’m back – moreor less – I’ll go have a look and see what I can come up with!

    hey everyone.. this is pretty much what i’m trying to do.

    for example, i have category “technology” which i DO NOT want included in my main wordpress content, but i DO want it on a sidebar.

    how exactly do i implement the above code to

    a) list the 10 most recent articles in category “technology” on my sidebar

    b) exclude the category “technology” from my main wordpress content

    any help would be greatly appreciated!!

    Start with the Category Visibility Plugin:

    Or, look into the various methods of Adding_Asides. Some plugins listed on that page that might be worth looking at.

    Wow, I was way too slow…

    Moshu – you paused to go get coffee on that one? 😉

    awesome. i’m SOOOO close.

    using help from the asides site located here,

    thank goodness for the rewind loop function! i didnt know that existed!

    i’m able to get the sidebar listing and my main listing excluding the asides, however… when i go to single post view, and navigate using the previous and next links, the asides still show up. but when you click on them it obviously just takes you to a page not found error since i’m excluding them from the loop.

    any ideas on how to hack the previous and next links so the asides dont show up???

    I”M SO CLOSE!!

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