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  • Hi,

    i do not know if this is the right place to ask my question…

    When i edit the source of codes of my pages (right click in the browser), some French caracters (like “é”) which can be found in the description and key words meta tags in the header.php, are replaced to this one : “�”.
    I have a code table here (, so i replaced the “é” for example to this one : “é“… But if i do it, the page source shows the same : “é”.

    Is there someone who can tell me if i can let the special caracters like this or the research motos like Google will not find those words like this ? If i must change, how should i do it ?

    Thanks in advance,

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  • sorry… this page automatically change the html codes… the html code for “é” is é

    Do you have the url of the live site?
    What browser are you using?
    I couldn’t replicate the problem you’re experiencing

    <META NAME="DESCRIPTION" CONTENT="&eacute;&eacute;&eacute;&eacute;&eacute;Your keyword rich marketing sales-pitch meta description goes here">
    <META NAME="KEYWORDS" CONTENT="&eacute;&eacute;&eacute;&eacute;&eacute;your keywords,go here,separated by a comma,but not a space">

    shows up as the following when viewing source for me

    <meta content="éééééYour keyword rich marketing sales-pitch meta description goes here" name="DESCRIPTION">
    <meta content="ééééyour keywords,go here,separated by a comma,but not a space" name="KEYWORDS">

    Thanks for your reply jdavhar… here is the link :
    (a bit special, my web-site, do not worry :))

    I use Firefox…

    Please tell me what your browser shows as code source of my pages !

    I see the diamonds with question mark inside.
    What program are you using to edit header.php?

    I’m not sure but I believe this is caused by saving header.php with the wrong encoding.

    open header.php with notepad.exe or similar plain text editor, replace the question mark character with &eacute; and do save as header.php with utf-8 encoding.

    You could post header.php’s contents to pastebin or similar site and I’ll make changes and re-post

    So, i use Dreamweaver to edit it but i put my files on line with Total Commander because Dreamweaver caused some problems because of its transfer not in binary mode (now i spoke Chinese, i do not understand what i am saying but i do and it works – worked until now…)

    What is very strange that when i edit it with Dreamweaver or Block Note, there are any question marks… and i already tried to change the special characters with &eacute;, it did not transform it to “é” but remained &eacute;.
    And until now there was no any problem with it…

    Do you have an idea ???

    i wanted to say : there are NO any question marks…


    does someone any idea ? I summerize it :

    in the meta tag “description” and “keywords” what i placed to the header.php, when i edit the source page in the browser, the special characters are not appeared in a normal way. The “é” is a “�” for example.
    When i change the “é” to a &eacute;(its html code), it remains &eacute;, which means that i do not need to replace it, my page uses utf8 charset as it should do.

    I definitely need to correct this fault because i am afraid that the research motors like Google will not find my pages…

    Thanks in advance,

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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