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  • Hey all,

    I will be setting up an online pet food store that has some specific requirements based on product types, minimum weights and product quantities that are restricted to multiples. There is even a need to exclude certain shipping types based on shipping distance. Here are the types of conditions that will need to be applied:

    • Supplements – If the order is a supplement, minimum order is one of any item
    • Treats – The minimum order for treats is any two items, or one treat and one supplement item.
    • Food – The Minimum order is 10 lbs of food. You may mix and match varieties in the same box.
      • If you choose the 1 lb size, you may order quantities of 10, 20, 45 lbs or multiples thereof
      • If you choose the 3 lb size, you may order quantities of 12, 24, 54 lbs or multiples thereof
    • Shipping Restrictions – The ability to limit certain shipping types by State, Shipping Zone, Zipcode, etc.

    To fulfill requirements such as these will I have to outright hack and customize the code in the checkout process with specific conditions? Or are there rules that can be set within the system to accommodate these restrictions? Or are there plugins that would be useful in this scenario?

    I am looking to use the latest version of Woocommerce if possible. Thanks in advance to anyone that can provide some guidance of what built-in tools, added plugins or if it comes down to hacking what variables are involved.

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  • for the minimum quantities, you could modify the single item template files (copied to your own theme, so the woocommerce plugin itself is not modified)

    The shipping restrictions are a bit more difficult. The stock shipping methods only allow restriction by country, not by region. I’ve created a shipping method that will allow restriction by state, and it looks like Table Rate Shipping might do that as well, but getting more granular, going after regions, zip codes, etc would take a bit of doing, unless you only wanted to specify one or two zipcodes or sets of zipcodes as a sort of exception to the rest.

    Either way, nothing you want to do would require “hacking” the woocommerce plugin directly.

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