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  • Hello,

    I bought the premium version of the plugin but I have two issues :

    The first one is when I type some text in the description next to a day in the field “wpsbc-input-description”, this text appears to not render special chars correctly.

    For instance if I type “Congrès” it renders only in the front end in the data tooltip like this : “Congrès”, and it is the same with all special chars like à , é , è , î …

    I don’t have this issue anywhere else in the site.
    I need the text to render correctly, how can I do that please ?

    My next issue is because the site is in French and English, I need to be able to translate this description too.
    I am using “qTranslate-X” plugin for this.

    But if I write in the description [:en]Holidays[:fr]Congés[:] , the shortcode is not working… Any ideas on how I can perform this please.

    I cannot make two different calendars for each language.

    Thank you very much.

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  • Hi your guys,

    so for the text in wpsbc-input-description, I have the analog problem in wp booking system concerning german umlauts? Just as a remark form my side, it is not the same plugin, but the same problem

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    For the translation issue it would be solved if using the translation function for printing the description.

    For the special chars issue maybe incoding and decoding it with htmlentities().

    Maybe I can change this in the core but what about future updates ?

    Speaking update, I can I know there is an available update, does it create an message in the admin section ?
    Does the link I got the first time will be a link that goes to the updated plugin download ?

    Thank you.

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    I found that there is htmlentities() that is used to output the description.
    Actually on localhost it is working but not on production, I guess this is a server or PHP version or something else that is in cause.

    For the translation, I had to manually add a the translation function __() to output the description in order to make it work and swith to french / english.

    Hope this will be added to a future update.



    Hi there,

    This is really strange, because this never happened before. We’ll try to reproduce this and come up with a fix.

    Can you also send us a note at

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