• Whenever I enter characters lik ä,ö,ü they get replaced upon saving by entries like ü (ü is the HTML Entity for ü). I have set the notification mail to “send as HTML mail”.

    It seems, that the html entity’s ampersand (&) is being replaced as well by the editor (?) oder the plugin (?), thus making the html entity code invalid. I checked the sourcecode while editing the notification emails and it shows entries like this:

    bestätigen möchtest,

    I use WP 3.6.1 german edition, UTF-8. No other similar plugin or content issues with html entities occur, so I guess it has something to do with this plugin/textarea settings…

    Plz verify or advise. Thank you. Same question has been asked a few months ago here, but the topic was set to [resolved] without any visible answer by the author…


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  • sorry, my fault, wp editor converted by examples:
    This is what I see in notfication email textarea after saving

    Registrierung bestätigen: %siteurl%

    This is what I see in sourcecode:

    Registrierung bestätigen: %siteurl%

    This is what I see in received email (client is UTF-8 capable):

    Registrierung bestätigen: %siteurl%

    aarrrggg…how can you post wrong code when this editor “corrects” everything?

    The wrong code shown in the notification mail textarea for letter “ä” is a combined & and auml; I don’t know if this post will be understandable, I can mail you my received verification mail it show the problem clearly.

    f ü r gets converted to f & a m p ; u u m l ; r

    Example Image: [IMG]http://i39.tinypic.com/z0m4l.png[/IMG]

    Plugin Author Genetech Solutions



    Please update the plugin and let us know if the characters issues still exists on the email templates.


    yes problem still exists. I have Version 1.31.2 installed on WP 3.6.1, can’t find anything newer than that. I used Thunderbird as well as eM Client to open the mails.

    Same issue. Unicode characters get converted to HTML entities despite sending plaintext email. This is likely because function SaveSettings(){ in pie-register.php from line 611 onwards stores every setting in the database with htmlentities already converted.

    The data should be stored in the database in raw format and then converted to HTML entities during output when necessary. At this point when users’ databases already contain data stored in an HTML-encoded format, the easiest option is to use html_entity_decode between retrieving from database and sending the email.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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