Special characters in titles = title being skipped whe restoring a backup (2 posts)

  1. gendem
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Hi there,

    OK I have a strange one I think...I've googled for a solution but as yet have not found one.

    I have a testing blog in which I have added a few new posts. The titles of these posts have a ’ in the title (note that is an actual apostrophe, not a ' tick symbol).

    The blog in which the post was made shows the title in the posts lists and for the actual blog, which is as it should be. However, when I export this DB and import it again, every title containing this symbol is skipped (they do not appear in the DB at all).

    For example, the post title as it appears in the DB dump is like this:

    'Frank’s Big Day'

    Importing this DB leads to the title of this post being ignored, or dropped, or something.

    The blog is UTF-8. It is imported using phpmyadmin.

    Can anyone suggest a solution?


  2. gendem
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Is there a more technical forum where I should be asking these questions?

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