• This seems like it would be a very simple issue but I haven’t found an answer yet.

    1. How do I use special characters in the title of posts? In this case, I need to use u with a line across the top in the title.

    2. With the new block system, how do I insert special characters in the body of the text? There used to be an easy way to do it, but after Gutenberg I cannot find it.


    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    Do you mean “Ū”? Character entry is dependent on localized keyboards. Typically some special key sequence that would be familiar to users speaking the language which requires such characters. Their keyboards will have been configured for their language. You may have had a special TinyMCE extension that allowed for easier extended character entry, which would be incompatible with the new block editor.

    Being an English speaker, my keyboard dos not allow for easy entry of any extended characters, yet I find myself frequently needing to type foreign words and strongly desire to spell them correctly. I know well enough that spelling with a U is incorrect when a Ū is required. I’ve relied on this little tool to allow me to type foreign words correctly. Then I copy/paste into whatever app I need it for. I used it to enter the Ūs in this post 🙂

    It’s not ideal, but it’ll do in a pinch. It is an old tool created before UTF-8 was common, so HTML entities were important at the time. The HTML part of the tool isn’t pertinent with UTF-8, but it’s still valid all the same.

    ETA: The linked site throws security warnings because it has no SSL certificate. There’s nothing funny about the site, it’s safe as explained in the instructions. But you have to trust that it’s OK to even see the explanation.

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    Yes, that’s one of the things I have tried. My problem is that in the title, foreign letters (not on my English keyboard) turn into ? after upload, and when I go back to the post to edit, foreign letters in the text also turn into ?.

    It looks fine before I post or update the post, but – as said above – the title gets messed up right away, and the text gets messed up as soon as I got back to edit the post and update it.

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    Ah! Then the issue is with the font your site’s titles are displayed with. It does not have glyphs defined for those characters. You need to switch to a font that has better extended character support. Use your browser’s element inspector developer tool to identify the font-family rule applied to titles. The rule listing will show you the rule’s file and line number. Usually a number of possible fonts are listed, so you could simply remove the first font listed in the referenced file. Or you can provide a different font name already supported by your theme. You could also use a different webfont such as those from fonts.google.com, but then you need to also get the font loaded with a meta tag in the head section of your theme.

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