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  • Well, no…
    I want to write normally using accentuated letters… My main language is not english…

    One way is to use the ascii for the symbol when writing the post. It will then get converted to the symbol when posted to your page.
    There’s a chart here:

    Is your language supported in wp yet ?

    I have sort of the same problem after upgrading to Wp1.2 – when using æ, ø and Ã¥ in posts, they are no longer translated into Entity numbers ( i.e. æ for æ). This worked fine in WP1.0.2.

    It should work normally thanks to utf-8 encoding. I’m using all French special characters without problem (even in category names) on my test blog :
    AFAIK, it should not be related to wether your blog uses a translation or not…
    What do you see when publishing a post with such characters ? Can you show us an exemple post ?

    I can’t believe non-English people are getting told they must type their posts using ASCII codes!!! typical of the anglocentric views of some people.

    xibe: I see nothing in particular in the posts, but my RSS feed was not accepted by my local weblog index – This was not due to the actual postings containing special characters, but rather special characters in the Tagline (a setting under General Options).
    If I look at the page source, the special characters, like æ, ø and Ã¥, is not translated into æ, ø and å. Mozilla doesn’t mind, but I’m not sure that all browser will understand these letters. In WP 1.0.2 the characters were, as far as I recall, translated into Entity numbers.

    With a new blog, I found all goes well using utf-8 and the standard language files (thanks, Xavier, for all your work). But updating is a very different question. See this thread :
    Also, none of my hosts (in France) were offering utf-8 as an option in PHPMyAdmin, so the only choice is to use ISO-8859-1. This implies intervening directly in the database (to get rid of garbled caracters generated in text fields).
    I’ve given up on several plugins, functionning incorrectly I’ve assumed, because of the different caracter set.
    The RSS feeds, which worked perfectly under 1.0.2, now contain incorrect or junk caracters. I’ve found no way to correct this and I’ll say no more as I don’t wish to annoy regular contributors to this forum.
    Some words seem to escape translation. In the admin screens, I still have “Activate” and “Deactivate” for example.
    Obviously, with plugins, the added menu items do not translate and can’t be found in po or mo files. So each plugin must be translated directly in the code by mugs like me who don’t have a clue about PHP.
    It would be great if WordPress was truly international!
    If I can do my bit, let me know.

    what would be really good is if WP converted any special characters into ascii mode when the post is published making the entry standards compliant.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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